Chania is a place full of wonderful spots to explore. You will find enchanting landscapes, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and deserted beaches, all of which combine an exotic unparalleled backdrop that will surely seduce you. The choice among the beaches you should visit is difficult, as all have something special to offer you. Discover as many as you can or visit Chania again to get to know the rest.


A city full of historical features, the Old Town of Chania will surprise you and each step you take will make you look forward to the next picturesque alley. The patchwork of three cultures – Venetians, Arabs, and Turks – with their prominent details until today, can only enchant you. Venetian mansions, paved picturesque alleys, blooming flowers and a magical ambience to go along throughout your journey, will make you love this city.


The lagoon of Balos is situated about 49 km North West of Stalos and is reachable either by car or by boat from Kissamos. The location will enchant you immediately when you have it in front of you. An exotic lagoon with turquoise, shallow and quite warm water makes it the ideal choice for those who are on vacation with their children.


Elafonisi is situated about 70 km North West of Stalos and is known worldwide for its exotic beauty which reminds you of the Caribbean. Its shallow and blue-green water, and the pink sand that is being created by crushed shells are the main reasons why this beach is worth a visit.

Seitan Limania

Another impressive beach and landscape of enchanting beauty is Seitan Limani. At about 36 km distance from Stalos, in the area of Akrotiri, you will find this beach shaped like a fjord, as sea lanes have penetrated the land and created a bay. Visit this idyllic landscape and swim in its crystal-clear blue waters.